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Do mountain bike shoes make a difference?

Mountain bike shoes from Five Ten make a difference due to their durability, grip and comfort. Although they are made with recycled materials, they are durable, so that Five Ten mountain bike shoes will last longer than a typical running shoe. How mountain bike shoes differ from regular cycling shoes is the grip and comfort. Being on rugged trails, downhill, enduro or cross country riding, you'll want a mix between grip and comfort to get you through long-lasting rides.

Do mountain bike shoes clip in? (clipless)

Five Ten shoes make mountain biking shoes that clip in (clipless) and have a flat sole on their Freerider range. It entirely depends on your riding style, whether you like to ride with flat pedals that allow you to dismount quickly riding through tricky surfaces or prefer to be clipped in for maximum momentum.

Can you wash Five Ten shoes?

Washing Five Ten shoes in a cold wash, isolated from other clothes, is an easy way to keep your Five Ten shoes clean. Because of the rigid material, many marks, dirt or mud can be removed with a damp towel, but a washing machine wash may be a good idea if they are filthy. Don't tumble dry at high heat.

What pedals for Five Ten shoes?

For a clipless pedal, we recommend the XT range from Shimano like the Shimano XT PD-M8120 Trail SPD Pedal. It gives you a strong build, wide surface area when you need every centimetre and access to Shimano's SPD system, which provides you with a comprehensive range of pedal & cleat accessories to go with your Five Ten Shoes.

History of Five Ten shoes

Five Ten shoes originated in 1985, making climbing shoes with a component called stealth rubber, allowing climbers to climb surfaces they had never been able to climb before. It's the same high friction and shock-absorbing qualities that mountain bike riders need, so shortly after, they started making shoes for mountain bike riders. In 2011, Five Ten shoes were purchased by Adidas for 25$ Million cash.

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