Coffee First™—that’s the attitude we wake up to every morning.

Crank n’ Chain Café (launching soon)

Bicycle Café (launching soon)

Coffee First™—That’s the attitude we wake up to every morning. Coffee for us is serious business, because we believe  proper coffee done right by a skilled barista makes a world of difference, especially if you have a long and challenging day ahead. 

It’s the same reason why we went to great lengths in finding the right type of coffee beans that we like to drink and serve to you.
Our Baristas will make your coffee the way you like it. Just let them know!
The coffee beans we use are from an independent micro-roasting plantation on the wonderful island of Bali, Indonesia.
Our café is closed at the moment, but you can shop for our coffee products here:
Crank n' Chain Exclusive

Bicycle Café (launching soon)

Opening Hours to be confirmed. Watch this space!

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