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May 20, 2022

New Product: CORE Body Temperature Monitor

CORE Body Temperature Sensors are now available at Crank n' Chain!

Say goodbye to ingested electronic-pills or rectal thermometers for accurate temperature monitoring. CORE is an easy-to-use, wearable device that uses Swiss-Made sensor technology to monitor and deliver real-time, accurate core body temperature data.

For sports, the importance of core body temperature is straight-forward; when you get hot, your power output drops. Especially in Singapore where it is perpetual summer between 30°C to 35°C in the day, CORE is your answer to heat training.

The core body temperature of each person is quite individual, as some athletes can naturally accommodate more heat while others require more training and conditioning in order to perform at their best while applying the cooling strategies that work best for them.

CORE is now available at our Sentosa Cove showroom and our online store. If you have any questions on CORE, feel free to speak to our experienced customer service team!

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