March 18, 2022

Welcome, Vielo to the Crank n' Chain family!

Proud to bring Vielo's line of 1x Road & Gravel bikes to Singapore!

Vielo was founded in 2017 by a father and son duo. They built it on a raft of experience gained over 36 years in the bike trade, working with the world’s most exceptional, high performance bike brands. And now, we welcome them to Singapore.

Vielo products are brave and exciting, focused on clean, pure engineering-led design that’s subtly styled and obsessive about detail. Our approach is refreshingly down to earth. Where others use buzz words or acronyms to sell gimmicks, we’d rather talk to you about why a frame is shaped a certain way or the benefits of 1x over 2x. If you’re looking for a frame that stands out from the crowd, without shouting for attention. That’s built in-house by craftsmen who cut their teeth riding in the unique British conditions. And that’s designed to be technically advanced and widely adaptable to your own riding style. Then welcome to the Vielo family.

We're taking orders for the R+1 Road and V+1 Gravel bikes right now.

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